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Increase your Business Connectivity with Fiber Optic Cable Installation & Repair in Dallas Fort Worth

Regarded as the superior option for network cabling, fiber optic cables are widely considered to be available. In comparison to the conventional copper alternatives, they are able to cover a larger area and travel significantly further distances without experiencing any degradation in signal quality. This is made possible by their exceptional performance.

However, there are other benefits besides the evident advantage of fiber optic cable installation. Fiber optic cables can have a wide variety of ends connected with a wide variety of styles and types of connectors. Your expected performance and the distances you intend to cover via networking wiring will determine which type of fiber optic cable is best for you to choose.

Companies in the Dallas or Fort Worth area can rely on Cabling in DFW for all of their fiber optic cable repair needs. No matter what kind of cabling you require, our team of trained fiber optics technician is here remotely to assist you. We provide consulting services to identify your unique needs and then propose a fiber optic cable installation solution that meets those demands, all while keeping in mind the growing demand for reliable, high-speed connectivity.

Top Benefits of Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

Data Capacity Boost

Originally tailored for voice, copper cables have limited bandwidth. Fiber optics, particularly single mode fiber, outshine with superior capacity—providing double the throughput of multimode, ensuring efficient data transmission.

Swift Data Transfer

Harnessing light for data transmission, fiber optics achieve speeds only 31% slower than light itself. Surpassing Cat5 and Cat6, fiber experiences minimal signal degradation, ensuring rapid and reliable communication.

Extended Reach

Fiber optic cables break the shackles of copper limitations. Some 10 Gbps single mode fiber spans nearly 25 miles, depending on cable type, wavelength, and network specifics, offering flexibility in diverse scenarios.

Reliable Performance

Impervious to temperature, weather, and moisture, fiber ensures steadfast connectivity, a stark contrast to copper. Without electric current, it sidesteps electromagnetic interference, eliminating disruptions, and poses no fire hazard, ensuring a safe and reliable network.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Fiber optics, thinner and lighter than copper, withstand more pull pressure and are less susceptible to damage. This robust design ensures longevity and resilience, maintaining connectivity even in demanding conditions.

Adaptable Future Networks

Media converters seamlessly integrate fiber into existing networks, extending UTP Ethernet connections. Modular patch panels accommodate various speeds, addressing current needs while offering adaptability for future requirements, and enhancing network flexibility and scalability.

Cost-Effective Durability

Despite the initial expenses, the enduring and reliable characteristics of fiber optic technology ultimately lead to a decreased total cost of ownership. Thanks to technological progress, the expenses associated with fiber optics are consistently declining, rendering it a more economical and environmentally friendly choice for data transmission.

Need a Fiber Optic Cable Installer in DFW? Schedule a free Consultation with Cabling in DFW. We’ll assess your requirements, provide a detailed blueprint, and guide you through selecting the optimal fiber optic cabling for your business. So, for professional installation services in DFW, reach out to Cabling in DFW today!

Our Pricing

We charge a flat rate, not by the hour, so you’ll know the price, even before we get started.

Flat Rate

We charge a flat rate, not by the hour, so you’ll know the price, even before we get started.
Instead of being charged by the foot, we charge per cable drop.

Pay per Drop

Instead of being charged by the foot, we charge per cable drop.
We charge a flat rate, not by the hour, so you’ll know the price, even before we get started.

Competitive Pricing

We charge a flat rate, not by the hour, so you’ll know the price, even before we get started.

Cable Ratings

Cabling in DFW offers a variety of Cable Ratings to accommodate for installation in a variety of locations throughout your facilities.

Riser Rated Cable

Riser cabling runs vertically between floors or in elevator shafts. These riser cables, although not as strict as plenum-rated cabling, have to meet fire safety standards to ensure that fires don’t spread from floor to floor.


Outdoor Rated Cable

Outdoor rated cable can be run outside as they’re designed with the ability to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Indoor cabling cannot resist sunlight or rain, so overtime they can become damaged easily.


Plenum Rated Cable

Plenum rated cables are used in spaces with air flow. These can be found in spaces in ceilings. These are used since they have a high degree of fire resistance and release less toxic fumes, in the case where there may be a fire. 

direct new

Direct Burial Rated Cable

Direct burial cables are designed to be buried. These cables can withstand moisture and the elements in order to prevent damage when running cables underground, outside.

Our Installation Process

Run Cabling

Install cabling to connect network hardware.

Cable Dressing

Organize cabling for a neat, state-of-the-art solution.

Terminate  Cable

Integrate the physical and electrical connection between cabling and equipment.

Test Cable

Ensure cables are healthy and working properly.

Document Cable Type & Location in Floor Plan

Record the exact location and cabling type in the facility map.

Label Cables

Clearly label the physical cable.


Feel free to reach out to us for further inquiries and specific information tailored to your business needs.

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