cable rating type

Riser Rated Cable

Riser cabling runs vertically between floors or in elevator shafts. These riser cables, although not as strict as plenum-rated cabling, have to meet fire safety standards to ensure that fires don’t spread from floor to floor.

Plenum Rated Cable

Plenum rated cables are used in spaces with air flow. These can be found in spaces in ceilings. These are used since they have a high degree of fire resistance and release less toxic fumes, in the case where there may be a fire. These strict requirements make it so that riser cables cannot replace plenum-rated cabling but plenum-rated cabling can replace riser-rated cabling. .

Outdoor Rated Cable

Outdoor rated cable can be run outside as they’re designed with the ability to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Indoor cabling cannot resist sunlight or rain, so overtime they can become damaged easily.

Direct Burial Rated Cable

Direct burial cables are designed to be buried. These cables can withstand moisture and the elements in order to prevent damage when running cables underground, outside.