Technology Implementation:

Ighty Support’s work is just not finished with installing your data lines. Our expertise in IT network expertise takes us across to implement some fun technology based on your business needs.

Digital Signage:

Digital Signage has become quite popular among schools to advertise the school programs and schedules. When Ighty Support accepts a school project, we ask the right questions to understand your audience for
prospective students and install the required cabling to display electronic messages. We then set up the network to allow our clients to control the digital signage from anywhere across the world wirelessly.

Centralized Analog Phone Systems for dispersed locations

Growth is amazing! But seamless communication is even more, across your decentralized offices. Ighty Support has successfully implemented solutions where calls that are missed at one location, never go missed because they are transferred over to another office which has the ability to handle the calls. This way there is no lost business because of missed call at one location.