Network Cabling Analysis

We take the worry of IT- No stone unturned in our Client’s Network Cabling Needs Analysis & Assessments Every project begins with a thorough understanding & planning for your Structured Data Cabling requirements. This is the cornerstone of the project and we carry this unwavering focus on your needs throughout the execution of the network/data cabling project. Whether you have one facility or more ad are looking to operate as a centralized unit, Ighty Support can add a layer of centralized IT network management over your distributed It networks. We validate the project progress at all stages of its implementation and we perform periodic preventive maintenance checks to take the hassle of IT. We keep our communication transparent with our client thus, setting expectation right from the very beginning of the data cabling project.

We work with your appointed point of contact and building management provide the required insurance to safely work at your facility. We comply with OSHA safety compliance standards while we are onsite. We will then create a data outlet plan for your review and approval. We co-ordinate with vendors of other trades to ensure that the project timelines are met.

Safety & Compliance Codes

Ighty Support works on Data Cabling/ Network Cabling projects in several Cities in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas at large and out of State Data Cabling Projects. We bear compliance to all Safety measures to protect our employees and the property we work at. Our installation plan abides by City Building Code Requirements for low voltage cable installations. We also use the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards out there, so you can be assured of your network installation’s quality.

Completely Tested

Our network cabling needs analysis & assessments leave nothing to chance, including the testing of your network design. When we setup a complete network system, we perform periodic tests for a period of time – helping your business avoid unhappy customers, project delays, and lost revenue due to a failed network. We can certify your network as well to provide quantitative measures to determine the quality of your network.

Ready for Action

When the plan is ready, it’s time to get everything in place. Ighty Support has sophisticated, affordable procurement and staging capabilities. We can handle material procurement and inventory management for projects of any size and State. Ighty Support’s IT expertise couple with the data cabling expertise, connects the dots of IT from the cabling phase to your entire network devices & equipment set up.

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