Material Management & Order Processing

For large scale projects delay in material acquisition is a major set-back in meeting the project deadlines. It is very critical to procure and stage the equipment needed for the projects in a timely manner to ensure on-time delivery. Ighty Support is very well versed with the latest products and is a dealer of major Networking Brands. We can procure all the material needed for the project in a timely manner. We have never delayed a project due to a delayed material procurement.

Ighty Support is your single source solution, with the experience to determine precisely what equipment and materials will be needed, and the skill to ensure that every component is prepared to handle whatever the implementation requires.

We guarantee the procurement and on-time delivery of all necessary products for even the most ambitious projects, but we also offer staging and configuration services so that all components are prepared and customized to meet your needs.

We warranty all the material sourced through Ighty Support and can offer next day replacement services.

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