IP Security Camera Installation

When you engage Ighty Support for your Data Cabling Needs, you have just built a partnership with a Wholistic Technology Vendor, whose expertise spans horizontally to encompass IP Security domain. We
have successfully installed secure & robust IP Security Systems for Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and other Businesses.

Today’s security needs for businesses are different than they were a decade ago. For the unprepared business, today’s world can be a risky place. We may not like to think about it, but theft is on the rise, security is a key concern, and lawsuits are a constant threat.

IP security solutions offer significant benefits over old-fashioned analog systems including:

  • View previous recordings and manage remote viewing configurations remotely over the Internet
  • Multiple location monitoring
  • Video Retrievals, backups and storage
  • Analog and IP camera installations
  • Comprehensive coverage based on the choice of technology and cameras

But, security means more than just installing camera. The nature of crimes are changing and its important for everyone to stay wary of these changing trends in crime. From Cyber crime to thefts, it becomes imperative to leverage advanced technology to prevent & tackle crime when it happens.

Ighty Support’s Network Services team will work with you to perform an analysis of available technology. Request a complimentary IP security solutions design quote or learn more about the solutions we provide. We can Install & Configure IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, Fish Eye Cameras, PTZ etc. – We can do it all and configure them for remote accessibility.