Network Cabling Consultation Services

Your objectives are our project goals

At Ighty Support, we keep your interest, needs and budget in the center of our IT plan for your business. Conducting our business ethically has garnered us customer trust over the several years of our operations.We LISTEN to you and take your requirements seriously. This is why consulting with Ighty Support about your network cabling is worth your time.

Network Cabling Analysis

We take the worry of IT- No stone unturned in our Client’s Network Cabling Needs Analysis & Assessments Every project begins with a thorough understanding & planning for your Structured Data Cabling requirements. This is the cornerstone of the project and we carry this unwavering focus on your needs throughout the execution of the network/data cabling project. Whether you have one facility or more ad are looking to operate as a centralized unit, Ighty Support can add a layer of centralized IT network management over your distributed It networks. We validate the project progress at all stages of its implementation and we perform periodic preventive maintenance checks to take the hassle of IT. We keep our communication transparent with our client thus, setting expectation right from the very beginning of the data cabling project.

Material Management & Order Processing

For large scale projects delay s material acquisition is a major set-back in meeting the project deadlines. It is very critical to procure and stage the equipment needed for the projects in a timely manner to ensure on-time delivery. Ighty Support is very well versed with the latest products and is a dealer of major Networking Brands. We can procure all the material needed for the project in a timely manner. We have never delayed a project due to a delayed material procurement.